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Practical set of two fluffy organic towels with a sewn-on cord loop.

First-class hotels throughout Switzerland rely on the care products from Feuerstein Essentials. This prompted us to develop the SAOSEO terry cloth collection for you. A line of selected hand and bath towels in proven hotel quality .

We are pleased to be able to present you with the SAOSEO towel, a top-class terry toweling experience: Thanks to a grammage of 550g/m² , the towel is extremely fluffy - a pleasant drying experience is guaranteed. The GOTS-certified yarn is gentle on the skin and extremely durable , so that even after repeated washing there are no fluffs or loose threads . The timeless, elegant design blends discreetly into any bathroom .







SAOSEO terry towels for moments of relaxation and new strength

It is a place of inspiration: The Lagh da Saoseo, a small mountain lake in Graubünden at 2029 meters above sea level ; the last spruces before the tree line form a grove around the lake and behind the densely packed trunks clear blue water beckons. But only the brave swim in the Lagh da Saoseo, because the water is very cold even in midsummer.

Cold water is said to have health-promoting properties, but warm water is just as beneficial for the body. It relaxes and soothes . Enjoy a warm bath or a nourishing, warm shower at home. And for a pleasantly fluffy drying we have developed the SAOSEO terry cloth collection; Inspired by a beautiful place of power, for a wellness moment that gives you new strength .

Durable organic cotton with GOTS certificate

GOTS stands for Global Textile Standard and for high-quality textiles that have to meet strict biological guidelines in their production. It is the strictest standard of its kind for textiles in the world.

This association of organic textile organizations has made it its mission that the production of textiles should have as little impact as possible on people, animals and the environment.

Textile manufacturers must also comply with social standards drawn up by the International Labor Organization (ILO) throughout the production chain in order to receive the GOTS certificate.

The criteria for the certification can be divided into 3 categories:

  • Environmental Standard s: Materials such as B. PVC, nickel or chrome must not be used. Manufacturers must produce according to an environmental protection concept.
  • Social standards : comply with the instructions of the ILO
  • Quality standards : The technical quality of the substances is checked and the use of substances toxic to humans is prohibited.

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